Professional Life Coaching

Facilitating powerful results with challenge-based coaching.

An ICF Associate Certified Coach trained at the University of California, Davis, Coach Jamie also brings years of personal and professional experience in law, business, career transitions, work-life rhythm, and personal and professional development.

Coach Jamie skillfully draws out your own wisdom and helps you to recognize it, yielding forward momentum. She does this by listening, questioning, and inspiring you to live to your greatest potential.

Professional Life Coaching can help you improve many aspects of your life. Challenge-based coaching, in which Coach Jamie specializes, utilizes techniques to confront possibilities head-on, empowering new perspectives and realizations, and facilitating powerful results. This challenge-centered style is especially suited for either a competitive, achievement-oriented personality, or one wide open to significant learning and personal insight.

Ready for a Professional Coach?

No in person session required, which means geography isn't an issue, and Coach Jamie can work with your schedule! Professional Life Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone. Please look at our calendar and find an available hour during which you can be undisturbed, in a private location, and give all of your attention to the issues we’ll be dealing with.

We have two payment options for our Professional Life Coaching sessions. The standard fee is $150 per session. There is also a pre-paid, package option, of five sessions for $500.

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